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Wash and Set actor O’Neal Nyanje diagnosed with cancer! Needs your help

Friends, fans and actor O’Neal Nyanje ‘s family are praying for him after he was diagnosed with cancer a couple of days ago. The actor, well known for popular TV shows including Saida and Wash and Set, he began an aggressive 8 weekly (minimum) chemotherapy session on Tuesday, June 23, 2020. His wife Jenna Nyanje […]

Side hustle and bustle of your favorite Kenyan actors and actresses

When it comes to business, Kenyan actors and actresses have mastered the art of multi-tasking and we can’t help but be envious of their artistic mastery. The days when you concentrated on one job alone are gone.  Below are the side mayhem of your favorite Kenyan players and performers. Brian Ogana For his role in […]

Inner Beauty – How Lisa Got Her Self-confidence Back

Adams Apples follows the lives of the four “Adams” Ghanaian women; the widowed, ex-diplomat’s wife, and her three daughters in their early and mid-thirties. They work through domestic struggles, family life, and personal battles to achieve success and happiness in a fast-changing 21st century Ghana where love can elude the hopeless romantic, victory can scorn […]

Top 5 Must-Watch Kenyan Movies To watch 2020

Kenya ‘s film industry has undergone a phenomenal transformation. Today, purely Kenyan films have been nominated for the Oscars, a prestigious award that has recognized the best filmography since 1929. Without a doubt, widely acclaimed films have emerged, and others have created extreme controversy with their themes and strong language. The best thing about Kenyans […]
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