Ginger Ink, One Fine Day Films seek crew for new production

One Fine Day Films and Ginger Ink are seeking crew members for their next production titled ‘
Lusala’. The film will be directed by renowned filmmaker and actor, Mugambi Nthiga, who is popular for his roles in Kati Kati and Nairobi Half Life

The makers of some of Kenya’s best feature films, Ginger Ink and One Fine Day Films are searching for crew members for their next production dubbed Lusala.

To join the crew , one needs to apply in any of the following departments; accounting, camera assistant, costume, editing, production, make-up and hair, and script continuity.

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Lusala will be directed by Mugambi Nthiga, a seasoned filmmaker and actor who is famous for his roles in Nairobi Half Life and KatiKati among other films.

The most recent production from the two organisations, Supa Modo, will  premiere tonight at Nairobi’s Prestige Cinema, during the opening of the Nairobi Film Festival.

Other films by the giant filmmakers include Kati Kati, Something Necessary and Nairobi Half Life.

All applicants must be available for interview on April 3rd 2018 and join the administration workshop from  4th April  to April 6th   2018.

One must also be ready to engage in pre-production and production work as per crew call conditions. The   applications’ deadline stands at March 30th  2018.

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