Here is how the public premiere of Atieno film went down

Atieno has a deep seated message for all of us and can serve as a powerful tool for  behaviour change and social advocacy

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Dream Girls production ‘Atieno’, was yesterday screened to an exhilarated audience at the Prestige Cinema.

Atieno is a beautifully told story about a village girl’s experience in the city.

It is centred on Atieno (played by Caroline Anyango ) who is forced to move to Nairobi’s Mathare’s slums in search of employment. She leaves in the company of her aunt Bertha, after the death of her mother.  Atieno needs  to work so as to provide for her two brothers and ailing father who is a victim of the scourge.

Atieno starts working in her aunt’s bar but she is not happy as different clients attempt to sexually harass her. This happens in the presence of her wicked aunt who is unappalled by it all.

Atieno eventually quits her job and is consequently rendered homeless. She is presented as an innocent, virtuous girl who would dare not trade her integrity for a few coins.

In a captivating twist, Atieno’s friends come to her aid at her lowest point and together they pull their little resources and start a business. Back in the village, her male friend does a remarkable job in taking care of Atieno’s family, sharing the little he gets with them and most importantly taking in the wise counsel of Atieno’s father.

The entire production (scripting, casting, shooting, editing to the final work presentation) of the film was done by Dream Girls. This is a team of young women who have undergone Media and ICT Training through the Wezesha Dada initiative by Community Media Trust.

The film was directed by June Ndinya.

The rich and convincing performances from the cast will leave you glued to the screen to grasp each action as it unfolds.The all new cast includes John Ageng’o, Reagan Otieno,Collins Ogello, Nancy Akoth, Rita Onyango, and Michael Joseph Otieno among others.

Victor Ombonya, the Executive Director at CoMeT and among the executive producer of the film said, ” This film seeks to bring out how a little effort can go along way in solving any situation. The unity  and cooperation depicted among Atieno’s friends is what our society is in need of today.”

Atieno has a deep seated message for all of us and can serve as a powerful tool for  behaviour change and social advocacy. Anyone who has been to the village set up can totally relate.

It touches on aspects on HIV/AIDS, entrepreneurship. It holds a special message to young people especially teenage girls and brings out how a big difference can be made when people come together to support each other with the little that they have.

Atieno was filmed in Kisumu and employs the usage of the Luo dialect and Swahili with English titles provided. It is yet another Kenyan film told in such a simple yet moving way and speaks to all of us in such a subtle manner.

“We will continue screening the film depending on the feedback that we shall be receiving from our audiences.We also intend to do two more episodes of the story as it could all not be told in a single session,” said Ombonya.