Bedsitter Chronicles

Bedsitter Chronicles

Bedsitter Chronicles is a comedy-drama that highlights and tells the plight, stories, limitations, occurrences, the struggles, tips on how to and jokes about bedsitter apartment. Bedsitter is a one-room apartment consisting of a combined bedroom and a sitting room with cooking facilities and a toilet on the side. They are usually considered economical by young bachelors and campus students. It’s all about β€œEveryone for himself, God for us all.”

Here are going to feed you and make sure you get enough entertainment every day as you move around. Bedsitter Chronicles is going to tell relatable experiences, life skills, and tips on how to survive in Nairobi’s small apartment. More tips on how to deal with your “boring” slay queen girlfriend or boyfriend and how to react when caught cheating. So don’t miss out on this entertaining show.

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