Antony Trivet: Accountant photographer who is acing it behind the lens

He received his first award in 2013, from Amnesty International in the Poverty and Human Rights category.  

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Mention wedding photography, and the name Antony Wanyoike Kariuki will come up.

Popularly known as Antony Trivet, the 26-year-old photographer has made remarkable strides behind the lens.

The alumni of Eastleigh High school pursued an Accounting course at the Kenya College of Accountancy University but has since thrived in the photography industry.

“I enrolled for a Certified Public Accountant course but photography got the better of me along the way. I am at Section 4 currently and I hope to complete the programme soon,” explains Trivet.

It has taken him about 7 years doing what he does best; photography. Trivet who boasts vast skills in wedding photography also does engagements, baby bump photo shoots, portraiture and fashion photography.

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Trivets passion in photography developed in high school where he saved a portion of his allowances towards the purchase of his first camera; a Nikon D5200 with 18-55mm f3.5-5.6 lens.

“I started creating images in 2010 immediately after high school at Mwelu Foundation in Mathare Slums. I was also engaging in video recording at Redeemed Gospel Church where I used to fellowship.”

It is not until 2013, that he begun building his professional portfolio after joining Photo-Magic Studio in Nairobi. This is where wedding photography became his specialty.

“One of my first assignments was to cover a graduation ceremony at one of the universities but I told my boss that I was more interested in weddings. He gave me the opportunity and since then it has been a wonderful experience. I am yet to run out of ideas,” narrates Trivet.

Interestingly, Trivet once worked for six months as a waiter and later on a mason at a construction site but all along, he never lost sight of his dream as a photographer.

Trivet holds several awards to his name, proof that he has indeed shone in the trade. He received his first award in 2013, from Amnesty International in the Poverty and Human Rights category.

His journey to the Sony Awards

His image, Whisper, saw him clinch the Kenya National Award at the Sony World Photography Awards 2018, beating last year’s winner, Austin Odunga.

A photo by Antony Trivet who won the Kenya National Award at the Sony World Photography Awards 2018
A photo by Antony Trivet who won the Kenya National Award at the Sony World Photography Awards 2018

For someone who had shied off in submitting his work in the previous editions of the competition, winning at the first attempt was not only a matter of sheer luck but also highly motivating.

“It was unbelievable! I give thanks to God for I had not foreseen that victory,” he exclaims.

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What was the inspiration behind the photo?

“Back in my mind, I wanted something to show loneliness-solitude-someone in his own world hence the title of the image.”

He adds: “Having worked with Isaya Evans in studio, I knew of his capabilities and great acting skills. I thus felt that he was the one person who could have achieved what I needed.”

In the photo, Isaya is posing in a misty forest setting. The duo had to sacrifice a lot to get the best early morning shot.

“We had to be on location by 5.30am to catch up with the fog before daybreak. Arriving any later than that would have caused us to miss the best shot. It was cold. We could not even see clearly while driving,” says Isaya.

Isaya Evans, Actor and Model
Isaya Evans, Actor and Model

He adds: “On our way back after the shoot, we were involved in a minor accident but luckily, none of us was injured. When I got the news that the photo had won, I was elated! All the memories of our experiences flashed through my mind and I realised that Trivet deserved to win.”

Isaya is a model and actor who has starred in various productions including 18 Hours, Disconnect, Supa Modo among others.

“Trivet is a perfectionist. He never moves on until he gets the right shot. I still think our victory is a dream,” chuckles Isaya.

At first, Antony says he tried shooting along the Karirana Kiambu-Limuru road but was not impressed. They ended up doing the shoot at Kinale Forest which is along the Nairobi-Naivasha road.

Other awards he has won include an Honourable Mention- in the FSD Africa’s Photo Competition. He has been a judge during the African Slum Photo Festivals in 2016 and 2017.

In addition, he was among the Top Finalists in the Nikon Kenya Photo Summit 2015.

This year he has been nominated to the Bake Awards 2018 in the Best Photography Blog category.

For a man who does not believe in impossibilities, he says he always takes challenges head on and with a can-do attitude.

“When I doubt my ability to do something, I take it up as a challenge and go for it. At the end of the day, I win and feel inspired or lose and learn from my experience, either way; I will still have conquered my deepest fears.”

According to Trivet, sharing his knowledge in photography with others is his best way of giving back to society.

He volunteers at Slum TV and at Mwelu Foundation, of which he is an alumna. He is also a part time photography tutor at the African Film & TV Training Institute and at Africa Digital Media Institute.

“2015 was a great year for me, especially the month of August where I had an opportunity to share my photographic knowledge with upcoming photographers. Taking those pupils from Mwelu Foundation through photography was an activity I found most rewarding.”

“Being an introvert, I never knew I could stand in front of students. These sessions have acted as the base of this wonderful career.”

The major challenge he is faced with is keeping up with the ever-changing technology and customer knowledge about photography.

“Photography is ever evolving. One has to keep learning new things to keep up with the trend. YouTube and Google are my close friends.”

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During his free time, Trivet reads a lot of photography books and goes through wedding magazine to see what’s new.

“I still play football but to crown it all, I love travelling a lot,” he quips.

If he was not a photographer, he says he would have been a full time accountant because he loves playing with numbers.

Concerning the future of photography in Kenya, he says majority of the photographers will end up doing composites.

This is where one creates his/her own world of imagination and brings it into reality using different images. He says this is attributed to the daily advancements in technology and the need to outdo the quality of IPhone selfies.

His future plans are to be a full time photography lecturer and photo retoucher.

“Photography is never that serious. You get to have fun while shooting.​ If you want to learn more, keep shooting and spend less time on the key board.”

To get a perfect shot, he believes light and composition are key considerations that need to be made. The person’s character and emotions may also come into place.

He is currently using Canon 5D MKIII with 85mm f1.2 lens and he says, “The best camera is what you have in your hands, do the most of what you can with it.”

He is married to Charity Wairimu and they have been blessed with a son, Trivet Leroy.