Auntie Boss’s Be Your Own Mboch parody show that you should not miss

Eve D’Souza’s Auntie Boss comedy show is presenting an exciting three-part series dubbed ‘Be Your Own Mboch’ (BYOM) which will see the ultimate winner, from the househelps in the virtual Taifa estate, bag a cash prize of Ksh 2 million shillings. The first episode of the series aired yesterday. The show is a parody of KTN’s Be Your Own Boss entrepreneurs show (BYOB).

The hilarious Auntie Boss comedy-drama series is always full of new twists and turns from its talented cast. Every episode will leave you in stitches from drama that surrounds the employers and their househelps in the lush virtual Taifa Estate (Loresho Ridge).

This week’s episode marks the start of a three-part series dubbed ‘Be Your Own Mboch’ (BYOM) show. The show which is a parody of the Be Your Own Boss (BYOB) entrepreneurs show on KTN, will see the best housekeeper walk away with Ksh 2 million, as startup capital for any business.

The judges panel features former contestants of the BYOB show namely; Safe Joe of Safecon Productions, fashion designer Valentine Nekesa and educational entrepreneur David Kimani.

An advert about the competition is run on TV and soon becomes the talk of all the househelps in Taifa estate. Each one of them brings forth queer theories on the source of the reward money but come the day for submitting their entries, all of them are seen struggling to sign up for the competition.

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Silprosa (Sandra Dacha) Shiro (Nyce Wanjeri) and Njoroge are among those who submitted their entries and were eventually shortlisted.

Back at Varshita’s (Eve D’Souza) house, Njoroge is not having it easy. Varshita has put measures in place to ensure she controls how food is eaten in the house. Njoroge should take sugarless black tea with a single slice of bread.

The paranoid Varshita actually recounts the slices of bread and even measures milk from a jug using a ruler to ascertain that Njoroge has not disobeyed her orders. In another scene, Donovan (Maqbul Mohammed) almost chokes on a cookie in an attempt to swallow it quietly, under the oblivious eye of Varshita!

The news of his shortlisting, is probably the best news Njoroge has heard in a long time. Donovan tries to help by finding out if he has a business plan to which Njoroge responds in defence, Pesa yangu hukuli ng’o (You wont get even a dime of my money)

Interestingly, the househelps think that by submitting their names, they automatically qualify as winners. Drama ensues as  each of them breaks the news to their employer.

For Shiru, this is a chance to finally quit her five-year job as Vanessa’s (Grace Muna) househelp. She breaks the news to her employer but instead of getting any kind of sympathy, Vanessa is actually happy for he and wishes her well. Shortly after Shiro receives a call informing her of the shortlisting, and to her dismay, she has to take back her job unless she wins the contest.

Silprosa on the other end has a rough morning having had a running stomach the better part of the previous night. She tries to find something to eat and is not amused when she finds the fridge locked. Apparently, her boss, Mayweather (David Opondoe) is playing tricks on her as he does not want to give her the keys easily.

He intentionally drops down the wrong key, forcing Silprosa to search for it under the chairs. We all know how weak one can be after a serious bout of diarhoea… Silprosa is forced to tidy the house when she realises that her boss is not concerned with her sickness antiques.

Mayweather who is being trailed and threatened to pay a debt by one of his associates, suddenly lights up when Silprosa mentions about the 2 million shillings that she might win from the BYOM competition.This might just be that timely solution to Mayweather’s financial woes, or so he thinks. By being sweet to Silprosa, he might get a good portion of the money for his own pressing needs.

Catch the continuation of this thrilling series of Auntie Boss by tuning in to  NTV next Tuesday at 7.30 p.m. Also, you can check with Filamu Kenya  as we will be keeping you updated on how the competition goes on, the ultimate winner of the BYOM competition, plus more exhilarating comedy and drama  from Taifa Estate’s residents.