Competition tightens as part 2 of the BYOM show goes down

Part two of the Be Your Own Mboch (BYOM) parody series, on NTV’s  Auntie Boss show went down yesterday with the competition taking a different angle.

The  three contestants; Silprosa (Sandra Dacha), Shiro Warugongo (Nyce Wanjeri) and Njoroge (Johnson ‘Fish’ Chege) left nothing to chance from their elaborate introductions. Njoroge thrilled the audience with his crowd hyping antiques while Silprosa used too much jargon, learnt  from her tutor in chief and boss- Mayweather. Then came Shiro with her very conservative kind of dressing and dance moves.

In this episode the contestants had to put their entrepreneurship skills to task. Each of them was given Ksh 1000 to invest in a venture of their choice but return to the show, three hours later, with the return on investment. The BYOM camera crew trail each of them as they embark on this task.

Silprosa convinces Mayweather to accompany her to a witch doctor who makes the usual queer demands; tears of a lion, teeth of a chicken and a crocodile’s tongue.They offer to give him some money in return, to which he quickly agrees.

They decide to put the money they are left with in a chapati business and Mayweather’s point of concern is if the reward money is taxable. Meanwhile, Silprosa can not keep her hands of the chapatis. By the time they find a client, Mayweather is dissapointed to find out that she has consumed all of them!

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Shiro on the other hand, believes that her local pastor needs to invoke blessings on her investment money. She stumbles upon the cunning preacher seducing a lady but the man quickly pretends to be on course.He goes ahead to reveal to her how she will outshine her competitors and the numerous blessings that await her.

“Ukituma mbegu, hata wang’ang’ane aje, hata waende kwa Ocampo wewe ndio utapata pesa!” says the sly preacher. Before they part, Shiro hands him a portion of the money.She then proceeds to buy some clothes from a street vendor who is selling them cheaply. In her mind, she says she will sell them at a profit if she finds someone who can fit into them.

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Njoroge resorts to underhand methods by trying to entice Judge Valentine, formerly of the BLAZE BYOB TV show, to assist him win the cash prize but his plan does not bear fruit.He resorts to selling ripe bananas along the street to passers-by but none seems interested.

He gets caught up in a gambling game putting the investment money in jeopardy. Back at Varshita’s house, She remarks that she does not feel the absence of their houseboy Njoroge. Donovan stares in disbelief because he is the ultimate replacement from the way he is tasked with too many house chores.

The contestants get back to the show, downcast, since none of them has done something useful with the money they had been given. Shiro is dressed in all the clothes she bought (on top of her long dress) while Njoroge has his bunch of unsold bananas with him.

The judges are disheartened but opt to give them another chance but this time, no money. Each of the competitors is given 20 newspapers to sell. The one with the highest sales coupled with the best pitched idea will walk home with the grand prize. As they exit the stage, Silprosa actually returns to collect the bananas forgotten by Njoroge on the podium!

Tune in text week for the final episode of the three-part BYOM Show series on NTV’s Auntie Boss. Filamu Kenya will keep you posted on the winners and losers and most definitely all the drama and laughter that comes with it.

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