Dead Wrong: When the grim reaper visits

Mwende Ngao’s Dead Wrong is a short film about the actions we could take if we were told how we have until death. Will one opt to die with their hidden secret or revealed it and be at peace with self. It brings to light how the concept of death is largely feared

Dead Wrong is a  short film by Mwende Ngao that tells a gripping tale of what anyone can do in the event they are told how much time they have left to live. Those last minutes can put one in a dilemma: either spill out any withheld secrets and grudges or die with it inside. At times people take such a chance to make peace with those around them.

Following a small mix-up, Mark Wambua, (played by Silas Miami), gets a visit from the grim reaper. He is supposed to be dead already, awaiting picking up but the grim reaper finds it amiss that he is still alive. Mark is given an hour to make things right as the grim reaper awaits further clarification from his superiors.

Mark confesses to his wife of having cheated on her with her sister, on their wedding night. His wife is devastated. Moments later Mark is over the moon when he is told that a street vendor by the same name was the one on the grim reaper’s list.

What he does not know is that death still awaits him. The same evening, his wife, angered by his infidelity, serves him poisoned wine over dinner. The film closes with a close up shot of the grim reaper pressing the doorbell at Mark’s house.The impending death has come to pass.

Starring are Ebenezer Omondi, Jacque Njeri and Ruth Kagiri.

The seven-minute film was done by  Matotoya Films for the 2013 ’48 hour film competition’ in Nairobi. In this competition, filmmakers all over the world make films in 48 hours. The film won Best Writing, Best Editing, Best Use of Character and Best Film – Audience Award. The genre was ”mistaken identity.”

Scripted by: Kimani Waweru, James Wamathai and Mwende Ngao

Produced by: Mwende Ngao and Catherine Muema

Directed by:  Mwende Ngao