Deadly Wahala: Kenyan short film that holds suspense of a lifetime

The movie was released in 2017

Deadly Wahala is a movie about an unnamed girl (Esther Masaa Ruth) who is a girlfriend to a wealthy man, Mr X. She has been kidnapped after a night out with her love. Unknown to her, the kidnapper (Maina Olwenya) has been sent by Mr X. He (Mr X) suspects that she stole from him after their date.

The movie debuts with a medium shot of the Kidnapper smoking. He is studded, a depiction of a ‘bad boy’. As he throws the filter away, the cameraman pans to show a girl lying on the floor with her moth taped. The kidnapper ‘goes down to business’ and uncovers the mouth of the girl. He demands to know where she kept the ‘stuff’ she allegedly stole.

However, the girl sticks to her innocence. This provokes the tempers of the kidnapper, who draws his gun and cocks it. The worst is about to happen. The girl has two choices, either admit theft or die. She chooses the latter, and the kidnapper does not hesitate. He pulls the trigger and the screen is rendered dark. However, when lights come back things are different, to the shock of the viewer. The six-minute film holds the best shocker to those who think they can guess every suspense. Make sure you watch it.

The film was directed by Robert Munuku and stars Maina Olwenya (he played Oti in Nairobi half-life) and Esther Masaa Ruth.

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