Kelvin Mwangi, The artiste fitting into Shaniqwa’s shoes

He first came into public limelight through the Real house Helps of Kawangware

Kelvin Mwangi as Shaniqwa
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Unlike other artistes, he has defined his own world of comic by adopting a female character. Kelvin Mwangi is the character behind Shaniqwa, a controversial lady who uses crude methods to deal with people who cross her path. In an exclusive interview with Filamu Kenya, he reveals how Shaniqwa came up and the reason he had a short stint at the Real Househelps of Kawangware.

  1. Who is Kelvin Mwangi?

Kelvin Mwangi is an artiste in love with his job. I like comic, and it flows in my veins (he giggles). I am the first born in a family of three. I started acting in Sunday school took it to high school, then later joined theatre where I started acting set books before joining the screen acting. A part from art, I am a trained journalist from the East African School of Media Studies where I attained a Diploma in Mass Communication. I can say that as I grew up, my talent grew with me.

  1. Tell us about your role at TRHK. How did you land the contract? Also, tell us about Shaniqwa.

The Karishizzle role was one of my favorite, I just got a call that they were looking for a drunk naive boy from the rural area who would play a cousin to Njuguna(Timothy Kimani. He has since left the show) so the scriptwriter Abel Mutua trusted me to take up the role and that is it. There was no audition; my talent landed me the contract.

Shaniqwa came as a joke. I remember that day, I was not casting anywhere in Jameni, but everyone was asked to be there to familiarise with the set. One lady didn’t turn up so we had to look for a replacement. Since I knew how the script was I just told them to try me. I boldly took the chance to showcase my chameleonic skills, adjusting to new characters and environments and my producer was satisfied that I fitted. Being flexible is one of the greatest weapons an actor can posses.

The two shows were running simultaneously so I had to choose one, and yes I chose Shaniqwa. (Laughter).

  1. Why the female character? You had a chance for a male character that brought you to public limelight.

I just love doing things differently. I wanted to b a unique comedian.

  1. Could you please tell us other works of film you have been involved in?

I have done scripting for Junior that airs on KTN.

  1. What is your driving force and role model(s)?

I am my own driving force, if I go down everyone around me goes with me, so I am my own project.

I tried having a role models but I ended up copying them so I decided to be my own role model.

  1. What have been your best and worst moments?

My best moment comes when I get paid really well for a talent I have worked so hard to bring it to where it is today.

Kelvin Mwangi
Kelvin Mwangi

My worst moment is when some people try to talk bad about what am doing, judging me, throwing all sort of insults on social media then come to my DM and start telling me how they want to act and want me to hold their hands. It hurts, it sucks.

  1. If you don’t mind tell us about your social life and how you manage your social life and private life?

I am dating. I however create a boundary between private and social life. When I am at work, I cannot have the other life.

  1. What should we expect from you in future? What are you working on currently?

It’s time I did my own show,  I started with skits, now am a morning show host on KTN every Friday Life and Style, now I want to host my own show that is coming soon.

  1. If you were not an actor, what would you be? Also, tell us about your hobbies

Reporter, or radio presenter I really love radio.

I like driving long distance, watching movies, in short, mimi ni mtu kujibamba (I love having fun).

  1. Let’s hear your advice to upcoming artistes and your parting shot

Know what you want and go for it, too many roadblocks but you will get there sooner than you think.

I am planning to have a big show on YouTube so people should start subscribing to Shaniqwa Mama Yao. Also, let us work hard as nothing is impossible, even in other industries.