Review: Supa Modo- Kenyan intriguing superhero movie

Supa Modo film tells an authentic Kenyan story in the most emotion-gripping manner.

Supa Modo is a Kenyan superhero story which is told in such an authentic manner. Set in Maweni village,in rural Kenya, it revolves around the life of Jo, a nine-year old girl whose life is at stake when she is diagnosed with a terminal illness.

Jo has always loved watching superhero movies and she toys with the idea of being one herself.

Her overly-protective  mother, Kathryn, is determined to make the most of her daughter’s remaining days though she is worried at anything that may be put Jo at risk. Her sister, Mwiks, on the other side is excited at making her little sister’s dream a reality.

All she wants is for Jo to live and play like any normal child even though she has little time left. Together with the other villagers they do a remarkable thing to make Jo believe that she is indeed a superhero and her last days turn out to be the best.

Even though the film ends in a tragic end, I refuse to believe that superheroes die simply because their legacy lives on, inspiring other generations.

Intricate details of our culture are carefully told in the midst of activities such as communal prayers, children playing carefreely in the fields, and among other ongoing activities in the village setting.

Supa Modo features convincing performances from a seasoned  cast that includes Stycie Waweru, Marrianne Nungo, Nyawara Ndambia, Johnson Gitau Chege, Joseph Omari among others. It is such a gripping tale, loaded with tonnes of emotions that may cause you to break into roaring laughter and sobs in between.

The movie employs the use of English with  subtitles coming in handy in instances where Swahili and Gikuyu are used. Its suitability for the entire family viewing should give you more reason to get to watch it to reap the dozens of life lessons it holds.

In my opinion, Likarion Wainaina totally got us on this one as the movie is a typical story about Kenyans, by us, for us and the world audience at large.

Telling a bit more about the story at this point would spoil all the fun, so create time to watch this 1 hour 14 minute-film and get to relive each moment with the entire Maweni village!

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