Supa Modo film flies high at Berlin Awards

The first ever Kenyan superhero film, Supa Modo was awarded a Special Mention ( an award for outstanding performances) in the  86th Berlin International Film Festival. The annual festival was held from 15th-25th of February in Berlin, Germany.

The film, which also received a standing ovation, was awarded in  the Generation K plus Category by the Children’s Jury. The Generation category features  films that surround the daily lives of children and young people.

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An extract from the jury statement read :

“This film tells the story of a mortally ill girl in a touching and gripping manner. Featuring convincing performances and a varied backdrop, the film shows the resourcefulness of the girl and the humanity and strong willpower of the entire village in their efforts to make the last months of her life something special.”

Upcoming actress Stycie Waweru, plays Jo, a nine-year old girl who is fascinated with action films and  dreams of being a superhero. However, Jo’s dreams are  cut short when she is diagnosed with a terminal illness. Her sister, Mwix (Nyawara Ndambia), is thrilled with the idea and makes Jo believe that indeed she has the powers.

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Mwix and  the entire village  go out of their way to make Jo’s dream a reality, making the last days of her life to be the most memorable. Her mother Kathryn (Marrianne Nungo), on the other end, is worried that this new powers may interfere with Jo’s health which is in a rather critical state.

Supa Modo was directed by a  Kenyan filmmaker, Likarion Wainaina, renown for his award winning films Bait (Cannes 2016) and KatiKati ( Oscars 2016)

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Even though Jo’s belief, that ‘superheroes do not die’, does not come to pass in Wainaina’s film, it still is a sound reminder that when heroes die, their memory lives on to inspire those left behind.

The film was produced by One Day Films and Ginger Ink Films Africa in association with DW Akademie, a German provider of international film training.

The 74-minute movie will premiere during the  New African Film Festival from 10th to 15th of March, as well as at the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) from 17th to 22nd of March 2018 in the United States of America and Canada respectively.


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