Top 5 Must-Watch Kenyan Movies To watch 2020

Kenya ‘s film industry has undergone a phenomenal transformation. Today, purely Kenyan films have been nominated for the Oscars, a prestigious award that has recognized the best filmography since 1929. Without a doubt, widely acclaimed films have emerged, and others have created extreme controversy with their themes and strong language. The best thing about Kenyans is that they’re a receptive population, and great movies are appreciated everywhere. Although the industry has not yet achieved its full potential, the latest Kenyan films have shown that Kenya is ready to make it big.

How many Kenyan movies have you been watching so far? One, two, or three, huh? You ‘re probably racking your head to try and figure out the number. Don’t worry; there’s not enough to watch if you compare it to American or Nigerian productions. We just don’t have the numbers yet, but they’re growing gradually.

There are, however, films in Kenya that deserve to be recognized in the highest order. Interestingly, the few that were produced are remarkably directed and acted upon. Don’t forget there is a lot of low budget Kenyan series you can watch. So, embrace yourself for the great movies in 2020. You ‘re sure you ‘re having fun.

What’re the best Kenyan movies to watch in 2020?

A great deal of transformation has taken place in the Kenyan entertainment industry. Producers have realized that there are a number of platforms to play their films, and they have begun to make extensive efforts to produce the best films. You can even find Kenyan movies on Netflix today, one of the most popular movie streaming sites.


1. You Again

If you’ve been looking for the best Kenyan film, you’ll meet your needs again. This romantic comedy comically portrays the emotions of the cast. You ‘re going to love the actors who make this phenomenal film. There are Nick Mutuma, Mimi Mars, Morris the Actor, Amalie Chopetta, Neomi Ng’ang’a, Lenana Kariba, Eddie Mbugua and many more of your favorites.

You Again is a tale about a single, well-educated lady who finds out she’s going to work with her ex-boyfriend on her dream job. It’s a 60-minute film with a thrilling turn of events.

2. World Tofauti

Have you been eager to see a Kenyan film that borders on a local theme? This film is one of the biggest, and you can watch it on YouTube. While most of the actors might not be familiar to you, they play their roles well. Avril Nyambura is a member of the cast, and she plays one of the leading roles. There are other wonderful characters in the film that you’re going to enjoy watching.

There are other wonderful characters in the film that you’re going to enjoy watching. These actors are people you’ve watched in different movies in Kenya.

3. Plan B

It doesn’t matter if you love romantic comedies, enjoy action movies, or if you’re a fan of epic themes. Plan B is a must-see. You ‘re going to enjoy this show, and in some instances, it will probably leave you smiling or teary. It could easily be rated as the best Kenyan movie download.

Plan B is a traditional love tale, performed in Kenya by Sarah Hassan as Lisa Waweru, Kate Kamau Karanja as Joyce, and Nigerian actor Daniel Ettim as Dele. Kenya ‘s movie continues to receive great reviews with fans asking for a sequel or mini-series.

4. Inner Beauty

Kenyan filmmakers have agreed to follow international standards and this film is a depiction of fantastic talent and filmography. The film is about a woman trying to regain her faith. She’s being crushed and shamed, but there’s hope for a brighter future.

If you’re looking for something deep and emotional, this film will work for you. Get your popcorn and get the best Kenyan actors ready for an hour of fantastic entertainment.

5. The Elephant Queen

This is one of Netflix ‘s best Kenyan films. While Kenyans are not the main cast, this has been done in the region. This is a documentary about an elephant who attempts to protect its herd from a hole in the water. The movie is directed by Victoria Stone and Mark Deeble.

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